UNDER A DYING SUN (now known as The New Rhythm Method)
With over two and a half years of constant touring and playing shows, Under A Dying Sun (ex-members of Living War Room, Nexus Six, Three Summers Gone) has created a uniquely live and dynamic sound that connects listeners through honest moments of sheer intensity and energy. If you haven't seen a live show, you've completely missed the point.

Known for their live "indie rock drum circle" performance, the Rum Diary toils away to create a "visual sound" combining two drum-kits, double bass guitars, a delayed Farfisa organ, slideshows, and film. “Their songs range from simple and impressionistic to churning and frantic--like the soundtrack to a crazy dream you can't quite remember. It is not the type of music you can dance to, but they can raise a mighty cacophony.”

Born in Louisville, KY sometime around 1997, Kilowatthours adapted to a constant change in environment by becoming increasingly grandiose and triumphant. With its line-up evolving nearly a half-dozen times, they've since settled into their new position as one of New York City's loudest pop bands, boasting as many as three guitars wailing over keyboards, bass and drums. As they've grown in size, they've also become increasingly self-sufficient, booking their own tours and producing their own recordings and just generally working harder than ever. Whatever you think you know about this band, think again.

In 1997, Johnannes Armentrout, whose nickname is Hansi, began making a name for himself in the open mic circuit of the Bay Area as a solo acoustic/folk act called "Hansi." Hansi soon recruited friends Lucas White (also in the Librarians) and Francis Choung (also in From Monuments To Masses) to complete and fill out a full working band, which in 2003 adorned the name, Truxton. What has come of the union is a powerful brand of indie rock that fuses folk influences with traditional pop/rock sensibilities.

Rhythmic, intense, sweaty, relentless, darkly humorous, fierce, loud, and kind of angular, Replicator straddles the fine line between technical precision and reckless abandon, social commentary and smartass revelry. Replicator, now entering their 4th years as a band, endeavor to bring something unique and worthwhile to the overall culture of this independent music thing. Art instead of artifice, integrity and purity over facile bandwagon jumping. Viciously powerful drumming, forcefully machinelike bass, science fiction keyboards, caustically angular guitar lines, urgent vocals, and recontextualized tape deck samples, all combine to form the unstoppable killing machine that is Replicator. Like Robbie the Robot fulfilling a noir revenge fantasy in a post modern nightmare. They play uncompromising performance based noisy rock music and are from Oakland, CA.

The Spotlight Syndicate is a three-piece band from Reno, Nevada consisting of Nick (Bass/Vocals), Carolyn (Keyboard) and Jeff (Drums). The band was started in the Fall of 2002 about six months after the breakup of This Computer Kills, Nick and Jeff's previous band. Deriving influences from such bands as The Cure, Moss Icon, The Faint, The Smiths, Gang Of Four, Fugazi, Cursive, The International Noise Conspiracy, and many others, The Spotlight Syndicate create an interesting blend of rock music with a dancy edge.

DESA is an "almost" brand new five-piece band from Oakland, CA. With only 30 live shows under their belt and the release of the four-song CDEP/demo, "DESA Demonstrates Birth," the members of DESA celebrate a newfound ambition and excitement after over seven years of playing together. DESA formed from the East Bay's Link 80, a ska/punk band whose members began playing together in early 1994. At the beginning of 2002, five out of six remaining members of Link 80, reluctant to ever give up the band permanently and overdue for a break, decide to embark on a side-project of sorts. The musical constraints of the established band were abandoned and along with the relief accompanied by Link 80's hiatus, DESA began work on new songs and a new beginning.

Inventing Edward consists of a unique and ecclectic set of talents and instruments (features members of Under A Dying Sun, spoken word artists, and sound effects). IE deliver a modern take on big bass lines, spacy guitar reverb, spontaneity, and experimentation. Inventing Edward take its influences with open eyes and arms, and draws from a diverse range of musical styles and sounds, as well as visual and experiential elements. Think Black Heart Procession, Portishead, Pink Floyd, and Nerousis all crashing into a big rig.

Formed in the late 90's from the annals of Santa Cruz's dying hardcore scene, 30 Years War emerged as a band with a new take on the current state of music. A blend of technically driven rhythms combined with the raw intensity of early hardcore, give way to 30 Years War's style of politically and emotionally charged music. Focused on the world around us, they set out to bring light to and confront traditional mindsets. For fans of Born Against, Heroin, Filth, and Universal Order of Armageddon.

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Politically-charged hardcore punk and post-hardcore from Los Angeles, CA. Combining a sense of urgency, passion and activism with a heartfelt love of music and a desire for honesty and integrity in their actions. Musical influences include Early D.C. hardcore, Born Against, Pg. 99, Moss Icon, Red Scare, Yaphet Kotto, and Fuel.

"Syracuse, New York Post-Punkers, The Flashing Astonishers dabble in an assortment of styles, using warped, swirlies-style textures," owning up to such various influences as Mogwai, Superchunk, Sonic Youth, Teenage Fanclub, & My Bloody Valentine, eschewing more modern conventional trends and indie-pop flavors. Could this be the missing link between indie rock, post-punk, and shoegazer dream pop?

With their debut in 1994, Subincision quickly became a favorite at 924 Gilman where they were known to be one of the smarter and catchier punk combos around. Their live shows are dramatic, funny, disgusting and usually end with fans clawing at the microphone to sing along --a true punk tradition in the East Bay.

Hardcore takes a new step with San Francisco's Box The Compass. Employing punk rock passion and energy, Box The Compass write and create their songs with the intention of capturing the aggression and intensity of hardcore, while offering the groove and melodic elements of other forms of music. This is an amazing act to watch live.

This youthful hardcore trio from Reno, Nevada, rocks the coins out of slot-machine houses throughout the West Coast with their passionate combination of dueling vocals, breathless screaming, complex basslines, and high-strung guitar melodies, set to a driving punk rock beat. TCK is the collision of indie rock meets punk rock. You'll find influences by Moss Icon, Drive Like Jehu, 400 years, The Convocation of..., Gang Of Four, At The Drive-In, Anti-Flag, Refused, Kill Sadie, and early Unwound.

The East Bay's diverse mix of various punk styles can be heard in the Diabolical Exploits, a melodic punk trio, fronted by Andy Ernst (Art of Ears), legendary punk producer/engineer whose involvement in the East Bay punk scene have impacted bands like AFI, Rancid, Green Day, Swingin' Utters, the Nerve Agents, Screeching Weasel, and countless others. DE is uniquely East Bay in sound with an influence of So-Cal punk.

San Francisco's Three Summers Gone play a blend of post-hardcore and old school skate rock. Influenced by current and deceased emo acts Hot Water Music, Lifefime, Samiam, and Jawbreaker, as well as older punk acts like the Descendents, Three Summers Gone strives to create a new sound, while maintaining their roots in punk and emo.

Stylized New York rock 'n' roll that's at once old school and cutting edge. Libertine's modern take on 1970s punk meets glam/brit-pop has made them one of the top up-and-coming post-wave bands in the underground scene. For fans of The Clash / Rancid / Social Distortion meets Psychadelic Furs / The Cure.

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